◾24-hour surveillance cameras are in place to monitor each classroom.
◾Children are accounted for at all times throughout the day.
◾Only authorized parents or representatives are allowed to remove children from the school and ID’s are required.
◾Suspicious activity is immediately identified, reported, and responded to by school director/owner.

Some additional safety and conveniences we offer include:

Our Procare Software system provides a kiosk with a touch screen that allows authorized parents, family members or guardians to check a child in and out of the school each day. The login reader makes it a safe and secure system because it must be registered in the system to access the child account.

The keyless entry system to get into the center limits access into the center by allowing only authorized staff and families access. Each family will receive their own PIN # or a key-tag. We are able to disarm any code at any time, providing a safe, secure environment for children, and peace of mind for parents.

Tuition Express is a software system we use to collect payment for anything in the center. Each parents have a debit or credit card on file. Our management team will auto bill each child every Friday for their menu of items such as tuition, or extracurricular activities offered. This is a fast and convenient way of billing for parents so they don't have to stop in the office each Friday to pay.

Management is able to leave important messages for parents on the Procare Software System in a timely manner.

Safety and Security